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The History speaks. .
It goes back to the earlier period when the spice trade fascinated British to come to Kerala and make it a trading hub and Thalassery, a famous spice trading centre.

And it was in 1862, an East India Company tradesman, Mr. Murdoch Brown, built this magnificent architecture of two storey colonial style bunglaw, on a cliff top in Thalassery, overlooking the great Arabian Sea. He had also planted cinnamon in a 300 acre land which lies 10 kms away from the bunglaw, that is still known to be the largest Cinnamon garden in Asia.

In the year of 1900, this magnificient property and the home of the British spice trader known as ‘Judge’s Bunglaw’ was purchased by Mr. T.M.Moosa, grandfather of Mr.Moosa. He belonged to a distinguished Mappila family in Malabar and was a locallite spice merchant. The home was re-named as Ayisha Manzil, after the name of his beloved wife, Ayisha.

The ancestral home has been passed on to the next generations and is currently possessed by Mr. Moosa, a known planter, who has carried forward the spice traders’ family till date. He has also converted this home as a homestay to the tourists for revisiting the history of Malabar.

Ayisha Manzil, as you can see today. .
Ayisha Manzil is a beautiful bunglaw converted to a homestay that still preserves the untouched antique charm of an authentic ancestral house. It is almost 150 years old and sits on the coastal lane of Malabar in Thalassery. The home faces the calm shimmering Arabian Sea. The busily occupied coastal road cleverly cuts to a steep road canopied with the majestic trees, winding up to the beautiful heritage home preserved passionately by Mr. & Mrs.Moosa.

The real authentic architecture of the bygone era is exhibited in the exterior pattern and the interior built. The steeply slanting tiled roof and the solid stone walls of this double storied house stand out in the elevation. The long veranda is much welcoming with its spacious sitting area and natural lighting. As you step in, the home is heavily furnished with the wood that has been the evergreen trend of the olden ancestral homes. The massive four poster beds, large dining table, the strong armed chairs, antique dresser, large mirrors, writing desks, etc., are the charm preserved for the tourists to explore the never-seen and the long-gone. At Ayisha manzil, the history, tradition and the rich culture are ever lingering. It opens the doors to relive the narration.

For the nature lovers, there is a pool area adjacent to the house overlooking the sea. The sunrise and sunset is celebrated each day at this corner. The soft breeze fanned by the green dancing coconut leaves, silvery sand, blue water fronts and clear blue sky above; all together makes the home a paradise dropped in the nature’s extravaganza.

The homestay is 80 kms away from the Calicut airport which is almost of 2 hours drive. Nearest railway station is Thalassery and is just 1 kms from the home. The land mark of Ayisha Manzil is the well known Seaview Park. When you travel towards north, take the right turn infront of the seaview park.
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