Accommodation . . . to relax ‘n’ retire
4 Deluxe bedrooms with bath attached- Living area- Dining Room- Balcony- Open terrace - Outdoor swimming pool The home offers 4 large and spacious bedrooms in antique pattern, furnished with period furniture, but with modern facilities. Each room has twin accommodation facility and is bath attached. To comply with the nature lover’s thirst, every angle of the home opens to a good authentic view of the so-called Green paradise. There is a vibrant open terrace where you have a direct and close sea view. To come out of the dim lights of bed rooms, there is a large living room where you could relax or relish your pastimes.

Food . . . to soothe the Hunger pangs. . .
Taste the real flavors of India - When you feel hungry, just drop down at the dining table. The Mother and the housewife of Ayisha Manzil is always pleased to serve you with the mind blowing Malabar Delicacies belonging to the Indian Cuisine. The grandeur hands of the hostess are popularly known for her traditional Muslim cuisine including Biryanis, Pathiri, Neypathil, Pettipathiri, Muttamala, Alisa, Unnakayi, Erachipathil, etc., along with the fresh seafood preparations. Whatever may be the choice of your taste bud, it could be served without difficulty on a prior notice. You are sure to enjoy them being served affectionately with the passion of hosting.

Learn to cook in an Indian Style
If you have enjoyed the food and is interested to learn Indian cooking, no issues! Mrs. Faiza, the hostess is popularly known culinary expert who can teach you the cooking lessons. Her kitchen has always been an appetizing spot of the home. By learning the secrets of Indian cooking during your holidays, you may return back to your native with a handful of mouth watering recipes.

Other activities
A walk with Mr.Moosa to the local Fish Market
Mr.Moosa is delighted to take his guests for a morning walk along with him to the local fish markets. The markets are usually crowded in the peak time and interestingly noisy with the fish mongers’ beckoning howl. The table tops exhibits a variety of fishes stacked for sale. The fishes are bought according to the choice of the guests as Seafood preparations are a good recommendation to any tourists in Malabar. Some of the main seafood preparations are with Seer fish, Pomfret, Pearl spot, prawns (mostly Tiger prawns preferred), Mussels, Crabs, Squids, etc.

Explore the narrated Spice Market
Spice Market in thalassery has great historical significance as it was the spice trade that created lure for the English to come to Kerala. Moreover, Thalassery has been the famous spice trading centre in Kerala.

Visit to Parassinikadavu temple to watch ‘theyyam’
This famous temple is a beautiful place to learn and explore the rich hindu ritual called ‘theyyam’. It is a form of a dance/Drama that is performed as a religious practice.

Learn about the Handloom weaving Units

A visit to Handloom weaving unit is an opportunity to the learn how the clothes are woven in the old method using shuttle weaves.

A look into the local Beedi rolling Units
This is an interesting practice to watch. The locally available small cigarettes are hand rolled by the beedi rolling men out of the dried Tendu leaves.
Visit to the Muzhapilangad drive-in beach
Experience the ride or a walk in the longest drive-in beach in Thalassery called as Muzhappiulangad drive-in beach.

Highlights of Ayisha Manzil
» Ayisha Manzil sits in the historical city called Thalassery, in Kannur.
» Easily accessible from the railway station and is just 3kms away.
» Accommodation with food at a reasonable cost.
» Deluxe bedrooms offering a luxurious and comfortable stay.
» Private swimming pool with a sitting area overlooking the sea.
» Cookery classes by Mrs.FAiza Moosa, arranged on request.
» Provides a snapshot of the real Malabar.

About Mr. & Mrs.Moosa
Mr. & Mrs. Moosa are the warm hearted host of Ayisha Manzil. They are the passionate hosts who are genuinely engaged in the activities that offers comfort to their guests. Mr.Moosa, the elderly and gentle individual belongs to the planter family who has the keen interest in delivering the best of what Kerala has to offer to its tourists. He is a good narrator and suggests how the holiday could be made fruitful by helping the guests to plan the trip. Mrs. Faiza Moosa, being known as a Malabar Cuisine expert is always delighted to cook the guests’ choice from the in-house kitchen and serve on time. She also offers Cookery classes to the tourists on request.
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