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Revisiting the history. . .

Time stands testimony to the magnificent land of Kerala, also famed as God’s Own Country’. A plethora of cultural legacies thrive in this mystical countryside termed as ‘Keralam’ in its mother tongue.

A vast area of Kerala lay adjacent to seashores which the voyagers via Arabian Sea found very relaxing as a stop-over. Therefore, foreign crusaders were never strangers to Kerala since antique days. Hence, an influence of the West, Europe, Arab, etc. can be seen very vividly in these parts of the globe.

Within Kerala, the Malabar province is indeed a fantastic place to unwind your body and soul. The breeze from the Arabian Sea and the thick green vegetations combine with unending hospitality of the Malabar host. As you might say, the affability of the Malabar citizen is a mesmerizing art of its own kind. In fact, people tend to watch and learn their skills of intercommunication with keen interest. Hence, it comes as no surprise to know the presence of a Malabar resident in almost all parts of the world.

Malabar or north Kerala has a distinct past with reference with the Western and European entities. During the ancient reign of Kings and local landlords, foreigners approached north Kerala with elevated business motives. However, Kerala’s natural splendor was too alluring for them to vacate the land. Thus, a new era of economical and cultural crossovers began in South India.

Spices were the glamour of trade between the West and Kerala. Among the valuable spices, the pepper was distinguished as ‘Black Gold’. The moist soil of Kerala was in sync with its climatic conditions which helped the spice cultivation to thrive. It was not just spices, but also a whole lot of natural commodities such as medicinal herbs, grains, wood and leather which made this land so precious to the west.

As time passed by, Malabar changed. However, the spirit of hospitality and its natural luster remained the same. Rather, it further refined to welcome the new age foreigner with zestful warmth than ever before. The past hundred years has been a real test of time for India as well as its citizens. Before the western explorations, India was merely a land of myths and folklore. Nevertheless, India started to witness a gradual progression in its society, which was an alien affair till the west arrived. Hence, the western crusades and their innovations became living influences in shaping today’s India.
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